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Terms & Conditions

Jewelsera is headquartered at Jaipur, Rajasthan, India. These terms andconditions apply to the website of Jewelsera located at <www.jewelsera.com>.We advise you to read these terms and conditions cautiously. BY USING OURWEBSITE, IT IS STATED THAT YOU WILL ABIDE BY THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS.

These Terms and Conditions regularize your use of, and any purchasefrom, the Jewelsera Website, and represent an agreement between the customerand Jewelsera. We reserve the right to modify or make necessary amendments anyof these stated Terms and Conditions or any policy or guideline of the websiteat any time, at its sole judgement.

Your continued use of our site following the posting of its amendmentsor changes (if any) will make up for their approval from your end. Thus, weadvise you to review these Terms and Conditions often and any other relevantpolicies from time to time for comprehending the terms and conditions thatapply to the use of our website. In case you choose not to go for the modifiedterms, you should refrain yourself from using the site.

Product Availability and Pricing

If we have the item readily available, we will dispatch the same to youwithin 10 working days. In case the required product is not available, and theknown inability for manufacturing it within 10 days, we will get in touch withyou directly pertaining to all the possible options available. Even thedelivery time can be extended by 10 working days.

Data, comprising prices, may seem incorrectly on our website due tosystem or typographical mistakes. While we make every possible effort to keepaway from these mistakes, they may take place. Jewelsera reserves the right torectify any mistakes whenever they take place or are noticed, and does nothonour incorrect or imprecise prices.

If the listed price of a product seems lower than the actual price, wewill, at our sole judgment, either get in touch with you for furtherinstructions prior to getting the product dispatched or cancelling the orderand intimating you of such cancellation. In case the order has been shipped,you need to give your consent to return the item or pay the difference chargebetween the real and overcharged prices. We would like you to know that ourprices are likely to change without issuing a prior notice. We sincerely regretany annoyance this may cause you.

Site Content

All content of our website http://www.jewelsera.com/,Jewelsera’s logo, every design, images, graphics, text, data, information,software, audios and any other files that may be hosted on the website, or elseprovided are the copyright of Jewelsera, its licensees, or principals. All ofthese are safeguarded by copyright, patents, trademarks, intellectual propertyrights, and impartial competition laws.

No information, content or material from the site may be duplicated,released, transferred, posted, communicated or assigned in any way without theprior permission in writing obtained from Jewelsera.

Sale of Products

As a customer, you agree as well as acknowledge that every productoffered in our website is offered by only at the sole discretion of the sellerfor a limited time and only for the stock available or till stock lasts. Priceson our site are subjected to change without the issuance of any prior notice,as the prices are calculated using actual prices of valuable gems and metals.

Termination and Suspension

You agree that Jewelsera may either suspend or terminate your access toand use of the platform if we believe that you have deliberately breached oracted inconsistently with the letter of Terms of Use, with or without issuing awarning to you. Also, you agree that Jewelsera may change or not continueproviding the platform, either with or without notice to you.